Saturday, November 13, 2010


I made 3 pictures with Sylvanas and a demon under her command
the lightning was too dark and I had to edit it afterwards


really sad is, that the demon hooves are not working for animations, because they change position everytime I change from inverse kinetics on and off, with is a feature I really need to do animations
so I changed it back to normal legs...

I am still thinking of another surrounding, because of the light and the rendertime, because of the massive things to render
(I really like the chamber, it came out really atmospheric, but it is not really working with a dark atmosphere in the background and visible action in the foreground, at least not in poser lightning)

I just wanted to show you these pictures so you see what I am working on, and besides I think they aren't too bad


  1. I know that your artist always want to do best your works, but, sincerely, for me that can't do a house right... it's fantastic ^^

    I really love this works Knight77 ^^



  2. Your Sylvanas looks so beautiful. I can't wait to see more aktion^^

  3. I'd drop the brightness your first images of Sylvanas had the perfect lighting.

    Aussie Fan