Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Game Sounds

Hi there
One Anonym just gave me a wonderfull idea.

You may know that I used W0W game sounds for my older videos, which I extracted from the .MPQ game files

The anonym mentioned before sent me this:
Another game sound

Now I have a request to you.

Would you send me the extracted game sounds of games like
TERA Online, Borderlands and other games with female heroins?

Of course only the sounds of the female voices.

an example how it looked in the W0W folder:


If you could send me some game sounds like these it would be a big help for me, especially if I don't have the game myself

If you do upload them somewhere, Rapidshare would be nice as well, because I allready have an accound there ;)

Think about some games you have and like with female fight sounds which can be extractet :)
TERA Online and Borderlands would be a great start ;)


Here another older clip :) free image host
RS Download


  1. i don't have the Tera Client, i will ask my friends if someone have it =)

  2. Bonsoir,

    J'ai le jeu Tera-Online sur mon ordinateur, et je veux bien partager ce dernier. C'est un dossier Tera officiel, avec compte inactif mais pas fermé. Je ne laisserai donc pas trainer mes fichiers partout.

    J'ignore quels fichiers il faut pour avoir les sons, renseignez moi, et vous les aurai.


    Good evening,

    I play Tera-Online on my computer, and I want to share it. This is an official Tera folder, but not with inactive account closed. I do not let hang around my files.

    I do not know which files need to have the sounds, ask me, and you'll get them.

  3. I have absolutely no idea where the sound files for Borderlands are located, and it doesn't help that I have the Steam version. I'll keep looking, but if someone can just tell me that'd save me some time. I found the .gpk's that contain TERA's female PC voices, but have absolutely no idea how to extract them. I could just upload the .gpk's and someone else could do it, though, if that's alright?

  4. Hi there,

    Have you tried looking at the 'Elder Scrolls Oblivion' lovers mod sounds? It has a lot of different sex sounds.

    I think this is what you are looking for. :)

  5. Could get you pretty much any game but I don't know anything about extracting data from game files.
    Got a 100/10 connection and could easily setup a ftp for any files you'd want.

    There are some decent female sounds in never winter nights, used so much for adult stuff that they removed anything usable in nwn2 I heard. =P
    Vaugly recall an old funny porn mp3 made out of pure starcraft sounds as well.

  6. Forgot to mention how awesome your work is as always!

  7. sorry man my friend of the mmo don't have it =(

  8. Love your work, so heres me giving back a bit.

    thats 90% of liliths sounds from borderlands, its in a odd format but it works with VLC mediaplayer.

    also check out my blog if you like XNAlara poses! its not as good quality as Knights stuff but it's different!

  9. Glad you liked that youtube link and hope you find some nice sounds for your videos.
    I know it's a bit cheeky, and you probably get tons of requests, but could you do an anal scene in doggy posisition sometime in the future, you've done some before but I'm a sucker for that :3

  10. sounds from lovers lab:

  11. File is the rar is corrupted

  12. Very good idea!
    Prun clips should have sound.