Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy BJ

Another round!
Todays Topic:
Coitus per Os
or you may know it as Blowjob!

Because most men simply love getting a good bj and I am one of them!

Starting with a newcomer (no pun intended)
one new HighElf of TERA free image host

Here is a new version of a videoclip I allready posted,
but this one is better and longer!

Last but not least:
Valeera on some bigger meat free image host


give me some feedback please :)
last videos were allready downloaded over 1000 times each
didn't see so much comments here
even though I am not allways responding fast, I read everything and I am happy for every comment of real persons :P



  1. This world is full of lurkers. They won't comment and give feedbacks. They just enjoy your works without saying a thing. Those people they should be really be ashamed of themselves.

    But to the bright side, there are always people who really appreciate your works, such as me. We would love to give comments, because we know all the hard workings you did to put those clips on here. The quality of your animation can easily been put for commercial uses, but you choose to sharing with others for free. This noble act earns my respect.

    Keep on Knight, you are the best :)

    1. Sorry, but what the hell? "they should be really ashamed of themselves"? Why? Because I don't comment means that I'm a worse person then you are and don't appreciate the works? You piss me off with your attitude. I almost never comment, but I go on this blog daily. Am I worse then you are?

      On the other hand, we all love your work, Knight. Else we wouldn't be on here, but I can assume you alot of ppl appreciate what you're doing! Keep it coming!

    2. I just like comments :)
      they make my blog more alive and it doesn't look like a shamefull porno site, where everyone goes by with covered heads and hurries back into the dark corner of internet anonymity after downloading

  2. No, lurkers should not be ashamed of themselves. lol.

    Just because the more 'silent' fanbase does not comment doesn't mean that they dont care or appreciate Knight's work. The mentioned download count proves that i think.

    Knight, what you have created is awesome as always :)

    I'm confused about this Sylvanas video though, it looks the same as the old one.

    Everything is great, thanks :)

    1. about the sylvanas video
      the new posted on is longer and I assembled the scenes different
      if you compare the two files, you will see that they are in different size, so the second one is longer^^

    2. Ok :)

      I don't have your older file anymore, but at the time it looked like it had the same file size and duration.

      But i see now that the file sizes are different.

      Thanks for clarifying that for me :D

    3. Same anonymous guy here. >_<

      So i downloaded the older version of the Sylvanas video again to see if it was infact different (because i'm abit insane) and i still don't notice any changes when i compare the two files.

      As they appear on my computer, both files are 39,423KB and both have a duration of 42sec.

      Only on rapidshare do i see the files display different values. Hence the confusion.

      Now, i sincerely hope i'm not being rude, but even playing and comparing the two videos, i dont notice any changes either.

      So either i'm going crazy or maybe the changes are minor details that i'm not noticing.

      Regardless, the video is very nice and i have no problem with it :D

      I'm just abit concerned because you say this one is longer, perhaps the wrong file was uploaded by mistake?

    4. Hmmm
      Maybe I made a mistake by thinking I uploaded another version the first time
      I don't know
      I thought it were a different version

      Nevertheless, this version I uploaded now is fine and you can keep one or two of them^^
      it's not like it's a huge file which cause hard drive space problems^^

  3. First time I comment here,your work are really good! I follow you since a time,but not so much,i don´t know to say so much about your work because in my opinion is perfect but for say something...maybe i´m in a mistake but you never make lesbian or futa scenes/images?

    1. No, I don't like futa
      lesbian, maybe some time, but not so much interests in either

    2. Thanks knight77 no futa here, thanks a lot! ^^

  4. So first time comenting here, soooo...
    What should I say? Great work as usual ;-)
    I am already looking forward to your next update/release.

    Ps: whats the difference between the old and the new sylvanas vid?

    1. like I mentioned before
      it is longer and the single clips inside are different assembled :)

  5. I've downloaded a good few of your videos, but while they're always quite well made and sexy, I always forget about them after only a few minutes and never go back to them. I think it's because they're always the same couple of seconds of looped animation with varying speed changes for about a minute, and I guess what I'm curious about is why you make 5 or 10 of them in a month instead of making a single video with 5 or 10 loops that lasts about 5 to 10 minutes?

    1. yeah I know, it doesn't vary that much
      for the first video are 4different clips used with 4 different speed settings each, which are 16 different clips assembled to what it is now

      I need about 5+ hours to set an animation, and then I change them slightly in some points they don't different from the original
      so 4 is the maximum I can get out of one animation made, without making a complete new one
      everything more then 4 would be minor changes, which would not be visible

  6. I sent the third video to my friend and she didn't know it looped. She messaged me about 10 minutes later asking me, "When does the guy come? I wanna see it."
    I just laughed at her.

    Excellent videos as always, Knight.

    1. xD nice one
      I thought about several stages of the act, including the "finish"
      this would be nice for a flash video where you can loop specific parts but also have a button to go fast, slower and finish

      too bad I don't know about flash

  7. Nice work as always.
    Sylvanas is especially well done =)

    Have you though of doing Valeera with loose hair? Would definitely look awesome.

  8. I really like the Banshee queen coz i'm fan of the WOW and playng on the horde side. Also nice to see that you did some works on tera, that is awesome too because i like the models of that game. Keep up the good work :]

  9. Goddamnit! Something's wrong with RS... I can't download the clips! *goes into withdrawl*

  10. High elfs in TERA have bigger boobs than you give them... D:

    1. xD but I think they are big enough for now ;)
      maybe I change something later if it siuts the figure

  11. Yeah I love Silvanas!
    The cum is verry good looking^^
    Of corse the characters too ;)
    Perfect details! I like it verry much!
    Arr and I'm missing the Wolfguys with the horse looking dicks. They are awesome :)
    It's really hot to look them if they're getting close to your elfes^^

  12. Maybe It's just me ...but the link doesn't work? Can you fix it?

    1. tried it from the site and everything worked

  13. These are very pretty but I kind of miss the huge dudes with the three foot long dicks slamming in there. It seems the new ones are kinda realistic and gentle in comparison. Still, the girls are very hot.

    1. i totally second that.
      the animations are very smooth;
      great detail like tongue & stuff
      and the galz are getting even more beautiful
      (even the ever-gorgeous Sylvanas, my personal fave).
      still i kinda miss the bigger & rougher slammers.

    2. yeah I changed them to a bit more realistic
      I still have some of my guys with bigger meat though ;)
      but it is difficult to make good animations with these, because they are too big for most morphes, so they must be customized, which is too much for an animation

  14. I have to say the debut for the highelf is breathtaking.
    Actually i am not that much into BJ but she`s so freaking hot. Her facial expression on tonguework is so superb, gets me really thrilled.

    Her pose also just adds to the extrem erotic feeling.

    Definatly one of your best BJ anims ever, knight.

    1. thank you :)
      yeah she really is one sexy elf!

  15. I opened both the old Sylvanas and new Sylvanas video in Sony Vegas to compare. They're identical. I think you just zipped the wrong file when you uploaded.

    1. ok
      so it was remembering it wrong when I thought I uploaded an old version the last time
      I could just have checked it before uploading the "new" one, but... meh!^^

      this one double download won't kill someone

  16. Breathtaking - detail and expression are amazing. Nice to see you so active of late.

    Btw need a hand with the audio? I may have the skills you require?

    1. thanks :)

      It's not really a problem of skill but of audiofiles

      But you can try something and send it to me :) and maybe it is a matter of skill

    2. I shall mail you :)

  17. Hy, your work is great. No Futa is fine 4 me there is enough content out there. Say might it be possiple that we get some stockings or lingerie? The BAD RITUAL clip outfit was nice. And thank´s it is 4 free. Every kind of art is immortal.
    A Fan

    1. I really cut back with clothes and armor in my last works
      but some kind of revealing armor and lingerie would add some more erotic
      maybe on something later :)

  18. I love that hairstyle; could you link me to the vendor?

    1. which one?
      the hairstyle of the first video isn't any poser hair, it's from TERA