Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Return of...

my lovely WHITEMANE :)


just these two pictures so you see what I am working on right now

complete new clothes, besides the shoulder pads
I thought it was time to change her appearence a little bit

tell me what you think about the new one



  1. Whitemane!!!

    Definitely need moar picspam/vidspam of her.

    Not sure on the new look - the hat (especially with those shoulder plates) is too 'BDSM mistress' and not enough 'fantasy femme fatale' :)

  2. hey can you make a video with the green haired elf? she is very sexy. and what is with the purple nightelf with white hairs?

  3. My favorite by far from that that really old video you did.
    Clothes looks nice but unsure about the new face, hard to tell from just that angle. Apart from nostalgia I doubt you could change anything for the worse.

  4. Hi,
    the character looks great ,sexy body, wanderfull face etc. But in my opinion she looked better in the old cloths. Simply dunno but she looked sexier in that "armor" she used to have then those pair of cloths.

    Thanks for your work ,hope you might gonna change the Whitemane a bit or at least mix it with the more of old look (take some armor pieces and mix it out with those clothies :P )

  5. I'd say, give her old chapeau back, it's not Whitemane without her chapeau ;) For the rest it looks great, however I'd really dig some stiletto high heels instead of those clumpy heels.

  6. Looks verry nice!

  7. I like each piece individually, but they don't go together well as a set. The bra/panties look like a flimsy, almost see-through material. The boots appear to be thick velvet, the leggings are chain, and the gloves look to be black plastic. You have four different materials, and none of them match. I'm not sure they even compliment each other. I'd suggest reducing the material count to 3 or 2 & try it again, see if it gets any better.

    Also, are the boots supposed to be shiny? Looks like they don't have shadows on them.

  8. I like the lingerie top and bottom.

    Although I'd say use the old chapeau, and the red feather-like things at the top of the gloves are a bit much.

    I do kind of agree that it doesn't seem to match. You have bright red leather, black mesh and dark red thin/fine mesh. The two different reds don't seem to go together.

  9. I actually like the Whitemane from your older videos a lot better. >_<

    The see-through lingerie bottom and top are okay, but something bothers me about the hat.

  10. to be completely honest, i liked her old outfit much better.
    i don't like the arm-things & the hat at all, also (to a lower degree) the chain leggings.

    the top is ok but not as hot as the old one.

    the new panties are really nice, i'd apply those
    (though i hope she doesn't get to keep em on for long anyway ;)
    also i'm fond of the high heels -
    couldn't you just add those to her old boots?

  11. I like the tone and shape of her midsection. What skin shader are you using on her?