Friday, July 26, 2013

some older W0W and some newer TERA

First of all, the "new" W0W models are still ugly
I don't really like my new Sylvanas... she is just not that sexy, evil and mysterious I want her to be,
and the skin isn't looking that great either

semester is finally over and I got some sleep
now a heat wave is giving my pc an even harder time, but I will look for a new pc soon

sadly, I will not have much time for new scenes and renderings in the next months (at least not for 3d porn)

next topic:
I still got some old w0w files
they still got the old sylvanas and bloodelf models, just so you know
but at least I can satisfy some of the w0w lovers here, I hope

Here is your beloved Sylvanas!
I say it again, these files are old and not very good, but since you want some w0w stuff, these files are at least worth showing

and here the sexy bloodelf Valeera

and now back to some newer files
here are the TERA video clips I promised you in my last post

I posted this video clip before, but I rendered it again with some edited materials and with indirect lightning and depth of field

Well, that's it for now, these animations are different in quality and lenght
some are just tests, and I didn't continued with them, because they weren't good

the first castanic animation is my favourit here
it really came out great

that's all
now I go die in the heat, can't think straight right now




  1. Yay I love nothing more than to see an update from you in my rss reader!

  2. Holy cow, what an update!
    Thank you very much my Lord!

  3. My PC software warns me that your Second Tera download is unsafe.

    1. There is nothing that can be called safe on the internet. However I'd guess your software is faulty in scaring you.
      If you want a more proper view on how risky the file is I'd suggest you run it on virustotal or metascan online, or some such.

    2. just downloaded it and checked it
      got no warning

  4. Rapidshare is no more friendly for free users. :(

  5. On the note of Sylvanas - that's my favorite model, (the one in the Guarding arc) but not because of WoW. I just think it's by far the best model you've done, though Cast comes close.

  6. Hi
    I am a new fans
    but my English is poor
    I real like but I don`tknow how to find the pass word when I want to turn Zip to movie

  7. Password is nice and all, but 7zip keeps warning about file encryption and MPC can't play the unpacked .mp4s... :/

    1. Try VLC media player.

    2. Considering the unpacked files are 0 bytes in size, I doubt the *player* is the problem...

    3. all uploaded files have their correct file size
      re-download the file and try it again

    4. I have the same problem.. I downloaded the file 4 times..
      everytime its broken ;(

    5. Then what's likely happening is that your computer isn't actually completing the download.

      If your connection jumps or times out, Rapidshare cancels the download, and you have to restart it.

      Close down any torrent programs you're running, or anything that takes bandwidth before downloading from RS.

    6. I just downloaded every file again and unzipped it
      every file is just fine!

      another thing you can try is to typ the password yourself
      not copy and past, just typ theknightshinesbright

      I had an issue where I had a 0size file, but it didn't say it was wrong password, it just said it was corrupted, but when I typed the password correct, it worked

    7. Works fine now for me at least, thanks.


    The shoes in the second from bottom are amazing. Please please please please please do more with her and those shoes. Pretty please?


  9. I think you do some of the best pose work, these are very nice renders man!

  10. Excuse me, I cant download the first tera vid. May you help me please?

    1. rapidshare changed their whole site.... again...
      I will fix it over the next days
      I am not at home right now

    2. Thanks a lot, Mr. Shinesbright ^^

    3. Uhm, it's still not fixed from what I can see :) I mean this link:

    4. but it is all on now
      the rapidshare system is really anoying right now and you can't link a file to a specific picture
      I will upload /re-upload everything on uploaded only

  11. I put on the video sound.
    I have ideas, and at the expense of your other works.
    can be combined in several feature film