Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Not really an update, but I wanted to post you on what I was working.
Poser Pro 2014 really improved their render software. It really is much faster now, especially with IDL and DoF.
So I am doing some of my older post again with better settings, like you can see above.
This is from the last clip. The old one, a new one with IDL and one with IDL and DoF.
Even though DoF is much fast now, I noticed that I have to increase my render settings as well, otherwise there are some kind of artifacts because of the raytracing. So I might not use DoF too often, because that would need more render time for one scene (you will see what I mean some time later when I post a clip).

There is lot more where this comes from ;)
It just needs time
some are allready animated, some not and some will not be a true animation, because I animated them bad.
I don't think I can finish something the next 2-3 weeks because life needs most of my time, but I hope these pictures will give you something to wait for ;)

In addition: I am not working on any W0W related stuff right now, sorry for that, but I am not satisfied with the models anymore and I haven't working on them since I was so frustrated with the Lali Bits not working correctly on my machine.
Now with PP2014 it works again, but didn't have time to work on them again.



  1. Excellent renders esp that last one she is just mounted on that dick - lovely :)

  2. Looking great, look forward to see the finished works!

  3. Good to see that you are still there...
    Take your time we will wait.
    And if you are not satisfied with the models how could we^^
    A Fan

  4. cool, more shadows, more

  5. Shame about WoW stuff, but this is looking awesome!

    btw, have you ever considered doing some stuff with LoL girls? There are some pretty hot ones, just saying...

    1. No I haven't
      My schedule is quite full with my tera and wow characters to uptade^^
      I saw some of them at ganassas blog and they are hot, but I don't have any interessts in making 3D versions of them

  6. Ill be waiting for these for sure. Excellent

  7. Nice work but i dont really like the Tera stuff...
    Please make a video with the new Sylvanas and a huge long cock Werewulf fucking her deep!
    That will be nice.

  8. Yop Knight,
    Amazing work as always. I'm such a fan of Tera characters
    I'm trying to create some castanic-like models as well but can't get my hands on thoses incredible horns they're wearing.

    How are you doing ? did you created them from scratch ? Extracted from XPS ?
    Their haircuts are really spot on as well where do they come from ?

    1. I exported them from xnl models and edited them in blender
      I first tried to recreate some with the horns the daz creature addon, but this way it looks better

    2. Yeah that's what I was thinking.
      I've just found some mod coming from skyrim and trying to create a good completely separated model. let's hope it will look good ^^

      Thx for your reply Knight and keep up the good job !