Sunday, October 6, 2013

Last Old Logo Files

3 months break from acadamy and 3 months no time for one single project of my own -.-
Just pushed my last free week with some renderings and I will show some wip's.
But first of, I will post all of my file with the old watermark on it.
I could reload the file and change the logo, but I don't have the single clips anymore and don't want to re-create it. So I just upload them at once and be done with it.
The W0W fans will be pleased, because there some Sylvanas und Valeera files.
On the other hand. These are the last finished works of W0W themed projects right now. The rest ist all Tera, or more specific Castanic.
Yeah, I am quite fixated on them now, but my head isn't really open for new things in this matter, since I am rare on time for new figures.
I still haven't bought a new pc yet, which slows me really down when it comes to graphical work in 2D or 3D. (Still looking for the right parts, which are good for my needs. e.g. I found a mainboard, that was praised by many forums but it's a complete overclocking board and I don't need that, especially not if it is 200 bucks more expansive than others)
So it's a slow process...

Enough words!!!!!!
Let's watch some boobies jiggle

you can imagine that they are not the most up-to-date renderings
but since I had allready uploaded them, I show the to you finally

and here some very old Tera files
I think these were nearly my first attempts for castanics and highelves

I added a folder since some complained about rapidshare
If you plan to get an account there, I would appreciate it if you buy it through my files ;)

password hasn't changed and is still:

Now some work in progress and some newer/better work of Tera girls

well, still no superb highelf, but a nice costume, since you can customize your characters with lots of funny stuff, this highelf has some morgana costume and headwings 
RS Download Folder below

a bit newer and a sexy pose
RS Download Folder below

here is a remake with vaginal sex
RS Download Folder below

Rapidshare really sucks by now, the new design is so minimalized that there aren't even letterings...
I can only share whole folders. I can't link a single file, so that I could set the right file to the right preview wonder rs is dying, they change their whole sytsem every 3 months, trying to keep customers
my account still runs until 2015 and I will provide links over it for everyone who had bought an account for my stuff etc, but I will provide links as well in the future
too bad they don't have a rewarding system that would keep my account alive, as long as you download my files here



the black haired castanic in the torpedo bikini and with belly chains (they are a heavy poly count...)

an poison ivy inspired castanic which loves here green friends
and they love her

another POV blowjob
tried different things
was looking if I could use a different angle if I want to implement it into my saled story
I really like the lightning in this one

all my current projects are mostly done with 1 light, since poser pro renders indirect lightning way faster then before

nothing more to show for today. I don't want that your head explodes, or something else... your girlfriend gonna need this too. she would be very sad if it was gone




  1. FIRST!

    As always, your works are just amazing!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to check them out. Thanks a lot knight!

  2. Nice Stuff as allways : )
    Thanks Knight!

  3. After finding your great art I no longer had the need for a girlfriend. :)

  4. can you please do a recopilation of all you works, i think is goin to be like 3gb or more but maybe you can make a torrent or a big file in rapid... i really love your works

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  6. On the note of Rapidshare - they also seem to have started artificial clamping.

    You can download as fast as you want, but as soon as it hits 10 MB, it clamps the speed down to 25 kB/sec.

    Pathetic ploy to try and get them more premium users.

  7. Great stuff. Thanks so much. I look forward to the new stuff. (And more vaginal is always welcome!)