Sunday, October 27, 2013

new pc, new projects

After the cpu cooling took off, I decided to finally buy that pc I had in mind for over a half year now, after the cooling started to weaken and male noises.

From a Q6700 to a i7-4770K
from 1x 560Ti to 2x 780 GLH
from 8GB to 32GB
and of course a SSD xD

that monster is damn fast
the greatest thing is, that I can now see how the animation would look like, while I still animate it, because it can easily play the animation in the preview mode, even with hardware shading enabled, completely smooth
with my old pc it wasn't even possible with hardware shading disabled
I allways needed to render it over night to see if it looked vivid or not...

now I can even watch hd series/movies while I preview render some images (but it is so damn fast, I don't need to start a clip at all)

for now I am quite happy :) 
quite penniless as well, but happy xD

I will now work on my first comic for selling to have some income
Octane render will be the next thing to put aside for

they still don't have a demo version for pp2014...

I worked on a remake oy my sexy red haired bloodelf

I changed her body
the hair and clothes are the same, just on her new body

Some eyecandy for the ladies
in reallife I don't have blue hair!

here the sexy castanic in plate armor (it's allways that skimpy in tera for castanics)

these two belong together
visible via partnerlook



  1. That Castanic! I don't know what to say, man, she is so great ... Fuck you real gurlz! xD Ehm, anyway, as always, you have best textures on your models and all are really, really hot. :-)

  2. Gratz man!
    Heh, care to send me the GPU/CPU+Mobo?
    Really in trouble with my crappy PC.

    1. i7-4770k
      2x GTX780 GLH
      ASUS Z87 Deluxe

    2. Your old computer was even better than my current one.

    3. ?
      my old one had a intel core 2 quad q6700 and a gtx 560ti

      the things i posted above is my new one

  3. GZ mr. KSB
    It's good to see you happy and with a new toy ^^ i7 multithreading and dual sli, makes PCs look like they are from another world, I had the same experience switching over :D
    Can't wait for your new projects, you have about 200% increase in 'imagination to paper' chances now.

    P.S. plz do a female orc again, I love her <3

    1. It is indeed nice^^
      Orc is aside by now
      the results I get with her are not so great

  4. He need bigger cock.. She is very pretty !

    1. his penis is a good size for most of the things ;) he is just human

  5. Nice! The Castanic is looking super hot. And the face on the elf looks great, but the body seems a bit weird somehow - are you using GND morphs on her?

    And you did an incredible job with the SSS. What shader setup are you using for that?

    1. nope, the body are just morphs++ and elite morphs

      the skind texture on the elf is a bought one: VH_Bernadette
      and the skin on the male is an older one, where I added SSS via Script "Add Subsurface Scattering" and tweaked it xD

      or what do you mean with shader setup?

  6. Your artwork is amazing! Is there a way I can follow this blog? I could not find a "follow" button. (Sorry I am more used to tumblr, I just started using blogspot)

    1. when you have a blogspot account, you can add a blog to your watchlist in your main menu

  7. Been a while, hope you're doing well...