Friday, December 13, 2013

WIP's and W0W tests animations

Hey there
Again some time has passed, but I am not quite happy with the things I've done.
I bought Octane, but I am not totally happy with it for poser, because it can't handle displacement maps, which I use in a lot of poser models. So a lot of figures, like my castanic will have no displacement.
But I have still done a comparision between the two:

I did also play with SFM (because there a lot of good sfm gifs popping up, with your favorite game characters in it). but since I am concentrating myself on learning blender again, I will stick with blender.

I am quite out of inspiration right now.
I wanted to make a litte series for a castanic female lancer and a male human slayer, but they don't turn out how I like it.

The other thing is, I am learning C4D, Blender, T-Splines for Rhino and Octane for school right now, which is a lot of input. My head nearly explodes if I have to switch between the programs for different projects, which have totally different navigation and shortcuts.

Long story short: I am a bit disappointed with my work, because it's not very lifelike. If I see these sexy breast and buttocks jiggling in some sfm gifs, I am getting all jealous, and because their game figures, look like the real game figures, because their are!
It's a lot sexier if your true game character is doing these "things", you know what I mean ;)

I was able to export some game files, assembled it in blender (because body, arms, legs, head and hair are separate parts) and rendered it in poser via octane.

I am trying to achieve some quality like these guys:

Sadly I can't speak russian, so I can't ask them how they did it, and if they could help me with exporting the rig and the animation files (because the model above are just the mesh, nothing more)
As you can see in the first of these four pictures, the neck part still has some issues of transparency, which I don't know how to fix, or where I can set that the black parts in the textures are transparent (compare it with the picture from

So if anyone of you guys can translate russion to english, could someone set me up with these guys?

These models are so damn low poly, but so good textured, it's amazing!
But that's how gaming works, low poly with high res textures.

For my poser models, I would need to make a lot of changes in textures, to let them look ok again, if I want to use it in octane.

But enough of that. I brought you guys some W0W related tests again.




these are all tests, but I wanted to share something with you.


  1. Hey brotherman! Octane displacement is coming... They were claiming this month... Looking fantastic as well dude! :D

    1. are you sure with displacement maps?
      only know about the 400% speed improvement with more lights
      and some other smaller updates

      I thought displacement is something gpu is difficult to do.
      thats why they don't use it in game, instead using normal maps etc

  2. Looking good! keep up the good work! would like to see some animations with armor!

    1. :) thanks
      the animation I posted is just a test
      I rendered it with a castanic with armor for my "story"

  3. Knight, if you don't finish those pics with casta lancer, please, upload it anyway :D (oh, my main character is casta lancer, so... :D ) ... And are you planning to only use UL links? because I liked RS better, I mean, that I didn't have to wait an hour when I wanted to download for free

    1. Who said anything about not finishing?^^
      It definitly will be finished! I need some money xD
      It just took longer than I planned.

      about RS and UL
      RS changed their system to something totally stupid
      I can't add one certain link to a certain file, without sharing and naming it all one by one again.
      my RS account is ending soon, so I will let it die finally
      sorry about your waiting time pal, but RS is too much trouble to work with right now

  4. Great you'Re back!-)
    Unfortunately the very first pair of UL links is already dead!-(

    1. no links are dead
      why should they?
      they are my own creations, they don't break any rule, so they won't be deleted.
      just checked them, they are totally fine

  5. hi, your new work is legendary !

  6. The first two animations feel somewhat... akward. The upper part of the body moving while the lower part lies there like dead not even moving an inch feels really strange, almost creepy.
    But aside from that it's great work, as always

    1. I wouldn't discribe it that extreme like dead, but you were right, it looked strange
      I allready rendered this animation with my castanic lancer model and twisted her hips bit while blowing