Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winners and winners

I sent out the mail to John Daily, since I found it the most nice and naughty.
Don't forget to use it!
Sorry for everyone else, but I only get one free month, if I pay for six months myself.

Nevertheless, I have updates!

Since Octane can not work with displacement in near future (not even version 1.50), which was a real bummer for my castanics, I "sculpted" the marks onto them with the poser intigrated morph tool...
I know... not the best solution for modellers... but I usually work on architechural and industrial products in 3D, so sculpting is not one of my common tools.
But I think the resulsts are acceptable until I know more about blender. See for yourself:

to compare it, the normal octane render:

and here the ones with sculpted marks

Even if I subdevide the surfaces of V4, the sclupting/morphing tool doesn't get more points to manipulate...
That's why it looks a bit clumsy.

And now the main question:
Wasn't there a possibility to save and load custom morphs in older poser versions?
I didn't find that option. Can someone please tell me how I can save my custom morph, so I can inject it on other figures?

More test animations with the bloodelf:


 and from a different angle




  1. Awesome job Knight! Your skills grow up ;D

  2. im sure there is another way to get the displacement in octane....i remember reading a post in the octane forums a while ago about someone who was trying to do the same thing with Alfaseed's Inks skins. Ill see if i can find it for you


      hope the link works. Pretty round-about way to do it, but if you look at the last two screenshots on the second page, it shows the final effect

  3. I (we) am yours! My apologies for delayed response, as my g-mail filtered the message as spam.

    1. well I hope you were able to use the code, since it had to be used until the 4th of january

  4. The download file require a password, anyone know it?

    1. forget it, i was just derp...