Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thanks for all the replies now :)
I know it's not so easy to comment on all new posts, because most people can't give any critics about that field they don't know so much about.
But I need some feedback about what I am doing, to improve myself and learn some more.
Sometimes comments are something like this: "Great work." or "I love you.", which is really nice to read ;) but often there aren't any comments at all, besides the ones mentioned in the last post.
Comments that files are broken are important as well, because I need to know if my files are damaged, but it's really frustrating if you wait for some critics and just get such comments just because he/she was to lazy to check twice.
The question why I use a password even if it is displayed public on my blog is, that it's only displayed there. My blog says it has adult content and I added extra lines to make clear what content is displayed here. So this is mainly to keep me out of most trouble.
If you download my video files via JDownloader for example, it will automatically unzip it with the password you copied into it. This way a wrong password shouldn't be any problem anymore.
Another thing:
If you want to download one of my video files (which are packed with 7ZIP), and you get an .exe file to download you most certainly have virus which has hacked itself between your browser and the sites your browsing, altering it for it's purpose to get on your harddrive.
(Or soemthing like that. But you definitly need better protection while browsing and hats made out of aluminium isn't what I meant)

If you cannot play my video files even if there are downloaded and extracted correctly, check that you have that same media player and codec I used. Details are on the sidebar.

Why do I stay with UL? Well I have paid for it and so my files are staying. If I choose another free hoster, my files will disappear after some time not downloaded.
As you may noticed I often post with a long time period in between, which is caused by my lack of free time. Keeping that in mind, if a file goes offline, people want them to be re-uploaded, which is understandable, but I can't and don't want to do that most of the time.
Do you know any good free hoster which can offer me that my files are staying without any time limit?
Some of you mentioned zippyshare and mediafire.
If you got one for me that suits my needs, I will definitly look into it :)

I guess blogspot is kind of outdated.
Most people use tumblr now, so this is where I might head to. I might also be more active in a forum for erotica like darknest and affect3d. There is a bigger number of artists like me, but then again I have to post every post on several places.
There comes my lazyness and lack of time. But this sounds way to much like "wee wee" now, so I just cut it here.

I really appreciated you comments in the last post.
It showed me that still a lot of people are reading and enjoying my posts.
I don't want you to comment on everything, because if you don't want to you don't have to.
But please keep in mind that it's nice to know that you are still there and enjoying it, and without comments I can't really see that.
And it is good to know that few words about the setting like the ones for the blue haired castanic girl, can inspire your fantasy. I can do that more often.

This red-head castanic girl was looking for some easy loot and attacked two orcs fighting each other.
But as soon as she attacked, the orcs turned their attacks towards her.
Only then she realized that she was still wearing her bikini instead of her battlegear.
Her bikini was quickly ripped off by their attacks and she was defensless.
After that the fight between the orcs began anew ,but this time with her inbetween...


  1. Since UL seems to be problematic and limited, perhaps upload to some shorter term free ones as well to offer alternatives? I'm sure if nothing else, some of us would be willing to come on board to do it for you. I'd offer, but couldn't guarantee any promptness on posting.

    As to the whole Blogger/Blogspot vs Tumblr, depends on how you plan to use it, its not great for text heavy posts and those can be often ignored. Honestly i think you're fine here, i use Blogger for my long form work although i might switch back to LJ now that my issues with the site are sorted, Tumblr could serve though as more of an announcement site.

    1. I will keep the controle over the files to myself.
      Tumblr is not my first choice. I might post more stuff at affect3d and darknest.

  2. I really don't know much about the cg animating field. But I can say of what i have seen, you are among the best. It looks like you spend a lot of time perfecting your animations. Even down to facial expressions which really sets you apart from others. There was even some of your older works that had sound incorporated, those were awesome for sure.

    You're the #1 source of Castanics which I love, I've been a fan of your work for a very long time, and continue to look forward to each update you release to us.

    Really curious what happened with that orc fight you mentioned, do you have any scenes of the progression of the situation? Some sort of animated story. Do you have plans to make it? I could see some still shots of some of the story, and others actual animations, Idk, but it would be awesome.

    I've been curious too, what ever happened to the Castanic from Casta act 03 wm, been wondering what she has been up to.

    Wish I could give you some type of critical feedback to help you make improvements that you feel you need, but like I said, I have no experience so I really cant say. What I can say however is I've seen a lot of others, and I can tell you go the extra mile with your work and it's fantastic.

    1. There is a list of contacts, not sure if you want me to post the link here, you may already know about it, but it's a google document that has other blogs of other artists.

      Some look amateur, but there's some that stand out to me at least, to mention a few names, artists which you may already know about, like timpossible or yagskie. Perhaps works can be critiqued better from some of those people that have more experience, idk. Just trying to be helpful :)

    2. *people that have more experience with animating then myself

    3. The castanic girl above will be seen in other animations for sure, but the little story was just a little teaser for your mind to play with.

      About the purple haired, curved horned castanic, she will be back soon as well.
      (I should really add some names, but I allways alter them over time)

      The artists mentioned on the list a SFM artists, and I use Poser Pro.
      I think Affect3d.com is a good place to start. There are a lot of Poser and Daz user.

  3. I kinda feel bad because I've mostly just been lurking and enjoying your work.

    I think that majority of us are like that. You do great stuff, and I think it's fun to see you just sort of wander and explore with your art. Don't feel like you need to jump on the bandwagon with other animators, your fans are still here :)

    1. Don't feel bad, just remember that a comment once and then will make me happy^^
      Like this one did ;)

  4. Woah, is that some new girl? I already like her :D Can't wait to see some nice animations with her :)

    1. It is just another hair for the long horns straight in the air.

  5. Alright, the new hair style and color is absolutely amazing and I would love it if you used her in some animations

  6. I've been following your work for many years now, and wait patiently for every update. I really love that you improved so much since you made your blog. My only annoyance is that since you switched from rapidshare to uploaded, i can only download one file every 3 hours, and it's extremely annoying for files so small such as your videos (8-15 mb each) because i can't change my IP on demand. It would be nice if you just made a zip file with all the videos for each update or change the cloud storage provider to something less obnoxious.

  7. glad your atleast feeling somewhat better with positive comments Ill try rember to leave replies here and there but yeah like you said you just forget it in the long run andway take care and keep up the good work

  8. About the exefile thing, you should know that UL now makes you download their own downloader, which is an exe file, when you select free download, so the first file you get in is an exe which does try to get you to install all kinds of stuff.

    Then after that it will download the file for you, but in my experience often fails.

    Maybe that's where some of the complaints are coming from, I think the change is a fairly recent one.

    1. I just logged out of UL and tested one of my files to download as an unregistered user.
      I had a waiting time of 30seconds and after typing in the captcha, the firefox typical download manager opened and I could download the 7zip file.
      No .exe or uploaded.to related download manager/ downloader.
      I still believe this is a problem with your internet security.
      (Programs like Avira Free don't protect you while browsing. They only report when it's allready on your HD)

    2. This is a very strange thing.

      Maybe they changed it again, but, I just tried twice, first time it had a checkbox next to the download box for their Download manager, if you leave that checked it'll download the exefile I mentioned earlier.

      I then tried again, thinking I'd uncheck it and see what happens, but that time it never showed the option and just downloaded the 7z file.

      The exe is not a virus, system is clean, just an annoying downloader, but this inconsistant behaviour might be the cause of people's confusion.

      Not expecting you to fix it or anything, should be beyond your control, just hoping to clear things up. :)

  9. I currently have a site on ipage that has unlimited bandwidth and space. It costs very little but i just use it for storage of old family photo's. Ever think about going that route?

  10. i cant wait for more awesome behind viewssss
    ty for your awesome workk

  11. Hello :) .
    It's sometimes i don't post here, but i always follow your progress, since i'm not really interested in your content but i'm VERY interested in your way of work and the quality of your renders (and lately animations).
    Your image are very polished, and even if i try to emulate the quality (i also bought octane for poser 2, that is really amazing) i cannot reach a workflow which i'm happy about.
    So, if you don't mind and since you seem to be happy about exchanging opinions, here is some questions :) .
    The main issue is draft/preview: in poser, if i use "simplified" object like V4 and M4 without morphs and clothes, i really cannot "feel" the scene and it's very difficult to understand what the final result will be... but with clothes the only way i have to move people and see the result in real time is to use magnets, that are REALLY heavy for my PC to move, so the workflow starts to be boring, and if i need to use; i don't know if it's an issue of poser or if my PC needs some upgrade (at the bottom my PC specifications). If then you need to use the moprhing tool to adjust something, with magnets in the scene... hours just to make some adjustment....
    I also tried with djson importer to use genesis 1/2, but even without magnets it seems to be very heavy for my PC to move... but in DAZ3D it is not, so i'm starting to think there is some kind of issue of OPENGL for physics in poser (or maybe my graphic card). I heard that Nvidia changed something in OPENGL management starting from the 6xx series.... and if you don't buy specific graphic card you will have your opengl engine "castrated".. is it true? Is there some kind of patch?
    The second problem (a smaller one, but really boring) is the way octane for poser exports shaders: it seems that it can only memorize the entire scene or each single object, so if i'm happy about the character but not the entire scene and i want to try only the char in another scene, i have to single export shoes, jewels, hair, etc. that is quite annoing... is there a way to select more than 1 item of what you want to export?
    Last but not least: i'm really curious to understand if you can obtain such quality and fluidity just using poser (and maybe some script) or if you need to pass through some other software.
    Thank you for your inspiring works even if you won't replay to this WOT :) .
    My Pc specs:
    Windows 7 ultimate 64
    Intel Core I7 3820 3.60GHz
    2 nvidia graphic cards 680TI (2gb each one, the first is used for the 2 monitors, the second only to render with octane)
    16 GB ram
    1 SSD for the OS
    1 SSD for the scenes and temp of poser and windows
    1 HDD only for the software itself (poser and runtime)
    I know it's not a workstation, but it really slow down too much in my opinion when i start to use more than 3-4 magnets (or more than 2 chars)... maybe they really downgraded a lot the performance of not specific 3d rendering graphic cards (like quadro), just to force people to choose?

    1. First of all, your pc should be able to handle your scenes, but maybe your preview settings are off. A screenshot with the settings would help.

      Second what content do you mean? The nsfw or the game figures I am using?

      Third, when you use the simple V4 and M4, the clothes should be comforting pretty good, because most clothes figures are loaded in zero morph state.
      Did you conform the clothes to the right figures?
      (It's a bit hard to tell what your problem might be, because you stated so much with not much detail about what you allready did, so it could be a lot of things. For that kind of support I would need to look at your program myself)

      Back to clothes. I think you don't need magnets for the standart clothes wih standart V4&M4, it should be working.
      If one cloth figure is missing morphs you are using in your figure, then you have the option to copy morphs from it.

      I am not sure what you mean with the export problem? You switch from Octane shader to Poser export.
      Do you mean the exporting the shader to another scene or do you mean exporting the figure mesh? And why exporting and not just saving and loading from the library?

  12. Tumblr , Hentai-Foundry can give you tons of fallowers and mails and i think u dont have to repost everything u can just link this blog and add "my other works" with a button or note. u probably know those. but if you ask me i didnt see animator like you for long time its so good especially that castantic in last post "behind view is my fav :c" but its up to you. and im really fan of your work keep up the good job !

  13. Love your work man! The animations are amazing!!! Keep it up!

  14. I've loved your work ever since I came across it! May I have a suggestion? This is my own castanic female in the game, and I think the style she has is fairly popular. The wavy hair is really sultry when paired with the casty clothing, so I thought you may want to give this model a try!


  15. I am following your site since you started it ..i hope you will geep it up

  16. I like your content alot man, i'd like to see more castanic girls encountering beasts in the future! ^^

  17. Hola. Queria decirte que tu trabajo es perfecto. Disfruto mucho mirando tu trabajo y espero que continues, porque la verdad que eres muy bueno en tu trabajo. Mi ingles es malo, pero yo queria solo dar una opinion. Tus videos son muy buenos, solo pregunto: ¿No pueden ser mas largos ? Hacer un video de 5 o 10 minutos con sonido ??. Creo que un un video de 10 minutos se apreciaria mucho mas tu trabajo, porque las graficas son perfectas.

    Muchas gracias por compartir todo tu esfuerzo con nosotros.

  18. Hello. I wanted to tell you that your work is perfect. I enjoy looking at your work and hope you continue, because the truth that you are very good at your job. My English is bad, but I just wanted to give an opinion. Your videos are great, I just ask you, can not be longer? Make a video of 5 or 10 minutes with sound ??. I think a video of 10 minutes would appreciate much your work, because the graphics are perfect.

    Thank you very much for sharing all your work with us.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      In spanish is sounds even better^^ (even if I can't unterstand it)
      Making longer videos would take a lot more time.
      5 minutes is a very long time for 3D renderings.
      Last semester I need to make a short animated movie for college. It was only 48seconds with sound and I needed the whole 4 months, with storyboard, modelling, camera, material- and lightsettings, plus sound editing.

      Well, with Poser I allready have my figures and "just" need to pose and animate them, but animating human figures is quite a lot of work :)
      And just out of mathematical viewpoint.
      5minutes= 7500 frames by a framerate of 25.
      If I assume I need 5 minutes per frame, that would result in 625hours rendertime alone (=26 days).
      This is the mainreason why my clips are so short and why I loop them.
      But I am working on interactive video clips, where the single loops are played randomly, so it doesn't get boting too fast.

  19. Nice work on your new image. She is probably tied for my favorite female character, along with the long red-haired Castanic. I check here almost daily. It's always a big treat when I see you put up something new.

    1. This one is basicly the long haired castanic with just an update of the hair

  20. Is there any chance to upload your complete stuff in pack somewhere?


  21. I think what you are doing is great. I have been watching for years and I am glad to see you get back to your old style of more absurd male characters if you know what I mean. Thanks for your work.

  22. You could use https://mega.co.nz/ but I'm not sure how the cost compares with UL. But overall it seems like a much better service.

    1. I am looking into others
      Zippyshare is free for everyone, but deletes files after 29 days
      mega has a premium hosting service and offers 24TB traffic for 1 year package.
      So does that mean if 24TB are used, no one can download from my stuff until I buy another year?
      Another option would be hostgator
      There I would pay also 100$ for one year, but it looks like pure webspace only, no interface or whatsoever

    2. Not sure, you'd have to check with them on that.

  23. I like your robot.
    I follow your blog, will you follow mine?
    Thanks a lot, brother.

  24. I only just found your work today, and I have to say I am exceedingly impressed. It's so hard to find good Castanic animations, and yours are outstanding. I do wish you didn't feel the need to paste such a large and obnoxious watermark on your work, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
    The filehost however, is simply awful. Please consider something like Mega or Mediafire. Even uploading the videos yourself to a streaming site would be better.

    1. Hi there
      The watermark is not only to secure my work for beeing used on paysites, but your for you if they still use it, that you can see that it's free on my blog.
      I am thinking about uploading on Mega, just need to test it a bit.
      Have fun with the rest of my castanic work :)

    2. As I said, I do understand the reasoning for it. :) Artists gotta protect their work, after all. I just wish it wasn't as large - but then, I've seen plenty of sites crop, blur, or just paste right over the original mark too. Such is the age we live in, I guess.
      Anyway, thank you very much - both for the reply and for making your amazing work free for all of us to enjoy!

  25. hello,
    just kind of "discovered you and I must say you have a lot of imagination. those elves really get a workout. the 3d with the shading effects has much more depth and is a
    good effect to add. most of the images and gifs also have great symmetry. you have a good eye and are very talented. keep up the great work!

  26. a couple of things I'd like to add, are about the sexual positions which for the most part have been very flattering to the choice lithe forms you've drawn. the symmetry/ balance of the graphics are excellent. but, i'll say when you have a fat 3' phallus stuffed into a lithe she elf a bulge would probably occur and would be a very nice effect to see.

  27. always keep your watermark no matter what ppl say infact some ppl even go as far as to work it into the background to be extra safe so the super savy ppl cant remove it but id suggest adjusting the size a little lol you stuff is so god damned amazing it sucks to have that water mark butting in on the juicy bits :(
    also i highly recomend mega for file storage i have been storing porn for years and they are the best.