Monday, October 6, 2014

project progress and left overs

I am working on project with the animation I posted before, and with changeable characters.
Here is a small preview

And the figures you see will get clothed/armored versions

And while deleting over 150GB of of Poser project files (still over 200GB remaining), I found some older files I worked on shortly before I got to Octane.
I allready rendered a lot of it, but never worked on it again since I was working with Octance, made a new folder and totally forgot about them.
So I will post them now and have to take back my statement that I posted the last pre-octane files.

Welcome this sweet little blue haired castanic girl, who wandered into the wilds alone and clearly underestimated the lustfull beastmen.


More will follow the next days


  1. Sorry, I'll not be blessed now. However, it is expected. :D

    I use google translator, so my grammar is terrible.

  2. Oh wow... that preview is just amazing... can´t wait to see more Sylvana´s been longing hard (literally) for her to be back >_<

  3. MORE like theseeeeeeeee please !
    i loved the vieww