Sunday, October 12, 2014

Files are FINE!

I am saying this with all my patience I have left.
Please look that you have downloaded the files correctly (the same file size as the download link said, and no disconnect while downloading), and type in the password correctly (copy paste it, or type it in manually) before claiming it doesn't work.

The files are often downloaded more then 400 times and the first and only comments are:
where is the password?
wrong password!
files are corrupted!

Seriously? That's all you gonna say after all these years I am sharing my stuff with you?
I am seriously thinking about shutting the blog down since no one seems to be enjoying it anymore, but only wants more stuff to add to their library of porn.

Or do I need to post it in a erotica forum like Darknest or affect3d, because blogspot is outdated?
Or even tumblr?


  1. Sadly that is the way of the internets, happy people rarely post while the idiots and trolls spam all over the place.
    Haven't had time to enjoy your work lately but still follow the updates and look forward to download it all in the future.
    Seriously hope you keep this blog up but if you do move on I will just have to follow.

  2. uhm...First of all I would like to correct something here(my english is not the best):
    Not all are bitching around...unfortunatly every Blogger has the same problem.
    I m sorry for u that u have the feeling : everyone is just saying what is wrong and not what is good.
    I like your work very honestly, because it s a little different than the others.For example no ugly women or else : D I m just noone who kisses someones ass[i hope it s the right phrase] , i guess there should be enough compliments of otheres, which should say the same as i thought. But let me say: It s everytime a little funny ordeal to wait for the finished donwload, but hey christmas is also just once a year ; ) . )
    Do what you want to, i just would be happy if u continue (sorry that i m no donator, but as long there is no satisfactory way to send a small amount without creditcard, no artist will anything from me : / )
    My advice ignore these douchebags, as long as they have don'T help they will stay just little parasites(actually like me^^') and i never heard that parasites have the right to command...okay apart from politicians...

  3. I have been following your blog for 6 months to a year now. I have never had a problem downloading or entering the password for the files - everything has worked fine 100% of the time. I have always enjoyed your work!

  4. Hello, I've been viewing your blog for a while now, but only commented when I thought it appropriate, but as you seem to be asking, I'll offer my 2c.
    I hope this is taken as friendly suggestion rather than rude criticism.

    1) For infrequent viewers or newcomers, to spend ~30mins downloading a video only to find it supposedly corrupted is likely just as annoying as it is for you to read about it. It's likely they missed the password or misspelled it, and thus received the 'corrupt file' response, and followed by the 3hr wait between download attempts from, many I imagine would simply give up and move on.
    Removing the password altogether might resolve this. Perhaps it serves some purpose I am unaware of, but I imagine having your website address on the videos is likely sufficient to ensure anyone who views it (wherever it is downloaded from) knows it is yours, and where to find more.
    (It reminds me greatly of the videogame DRM argument, that DRM typically hurts legitimate customers even more than it does the pirates)
    2) The occasional uploading of raw AVI files in excess of 100mb for a 30-40sec video is perhaps off-putting to potential viewers, especially at the 70k speedcap the host provides. Ensuring they are compressed to MP4 (or similar) via such freeware programs as Handbreak - would drastically reduce their size (and thus download times) while maintaining a relatively high level of quality.
    3) Perhaps host at multiple sites, I believe Mediafire is typically free for small-med sized files. The otherwise 3hr wait between files may put some off.
    (I know one person personally whom I suggested your site to, as it's right up his alley, but he flat-out couldn't download from Uploaded for whatever reason)
    4) Blogspot is fine for keeping chronological record of your work, but not so much for attracting new viewers. Perhaps try posting your jpeg images on places like HentaiFoundry, with a note in the comments that the full video can be found on your blog (along with a link to your blog).
    Blogspot is also quite horrible for actually posting comments, it either requires a 3rd part login, or anonymous (which is rather impersonal), and also has a tendency of wiping a comment via the preview button... Places like HentaiFoundry however make it quite simple and easy for existing users to comment on the artist's work.

    Also, I wanted to say that I do appreciate the occasional story that goes with your videos. Being told a certain blue haired Castanic has wandered into the wilds and found herself at the whims of Beastmen adds a lot to the videos I feel, as it helps invest the viewers in the scenario and leads to rather fun thoughts - is she scared, is she aroused, will they let her go after her big meal... will she even want to leave?

    Lastly I wanted to thank you for sharing your passion and work with us. It is easy for happy viewers to be silent in their enjoyment and forget that artist like yourself likely enjoy feedback on their work just as much.

  5. I've never had a problem, and have loved your work since I found your blog about a year and a half a go. I even participated in the name a character contest and won ;3.
    Anyways keep up the good work, because your work is VERY good. If you decide to take it to another place or not share it that's completely up to you and I respect that. but on the same hand I love your work. Trust me people enjoy your work, maybe you are feeling under appreciated and need some kind words and I hope that these will help. Carry on and have a great day!

  6. i hope that you don't shut you're blog down or even move it, i have been downloading and enjoying you're work for about 4 years now. all i can say is ignore the haters and keep doing an awesome job.

  7. Please sir, I have been following you for a few years now, and deeply enjoy you're work! I would be very sad if you shut down you're blog...I especially love the Ashbringer and Valeera works, but they are ALL wonderful. Thank you for all of the quality content, I appreciate it greatly and I'm sure many others do too!

  8. I've bene following you for years now, I think I was looking for a sexy version fo Alextrasza and found yours and was like omg I want more. But I am normally to shy to say anything, but I wanted to say, I love your work, I love your castanics, they are so adorable, and those elves.... *drools* dunno what else to say though other than please keep it up.

  9. I love your work, and if you want, you can post whatever you want to Ambient Dimension, and see if you can use it to drive up viewers to your blog, or even move over there. It's free for everyone to post and view, and you won't have to worry about any crazy censorship laws.

  10. Your tera works are amazing best ever really, but people claiming stuff is corrupt dont work or we is normal on internet id suggest ignore all such posts delete them or we as they clearly dont know how to use a computer.

    Cant do much more then give you encouragement and appreciation but I really love your work, hell i'd donate or use patreon or something to support you its that good, but its your choice if you want to stop or not or use another site whatever you decide thanks for what you done so far, regardless thank you sincerley and I really do wish you the best take care.

  11. Most of us are fine we just don't bother commenting because there is no point. Ignore the whingers as they exist everywhere (even if you switch to a forum or other blog)

  12. There are a lot of people who appreciate your creations. It's true that they don't always say it (which is something I'm guilty of myself), which they should, especially when I can't think of any other artist that does so many high-quality animations and gives them away for free (and in Full HD)! You shouldn't feel bad though, the fact that so many downloaders were able to open your files should tell you that the complainers are simply too stupid to find the password or too lazy to look for it. And stupid people are always rude, especially on the internet where it's so easy to do. Short of no longer password protecting files, or making the password even more obvious (to be honest, I don't see the point of password protecting files if you're going to make it publicly available anyway, but I guess you have your reasons), there is no way you are going to escape the criticism.

  13. When you open yourself up the the world, you will of course run into more then your fair share of inconsiderate and insensitive people. However I think in your case, for every inconsiderate/insensitive person you run across there are at least 4 others who appreciate and respect you.
    It would be tragic if you let the words of a few override the love and appreciation of so many.
    If you made donations an option you might be shocked how many people would send some cash your way as a thank you for all the first rate work you've shared over the years with all of us, I know I would certainly do it if it was made and option.

  14. Chuckles and shakes his head, "Kids never grow up around here do they? I've had a few problems in the past, not sure the source of it, but a little patience solves most problems. Just ignore the impatient idjits expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, they ain't worth your time or stress."

    "As to changing venues, Tumblr is a great place for image based blogs, not so much for text, but might not solve anything in this case. I'm assuming you're using uploaded (who's currently refusing to serve non-paying customers) because your file sizes are too big? Tumblr likely won't fix that, you'll still have to use one or more lockers to make your files available. I'd recommend another service, but i suspect you're so popular that you'd exceed the free file sharing limit any where."

    1. If Uploaded is refusing to serve non-paying customers it must be a regional thing cause its free option still works fine for me at least the downloading part. Then again if you're referring to people trying to host files rather then DLing them I'm out of the loop.

    2. Shakes his head, "Fairly standard error for free downloads, this one is that the free server (or more accurate free connections) are full. If you're not paying, there's only so many connections on top of the reduced speed.

  15. Your stuff is great, don't worry about haters :)

  16. no dude dont listen to them.. i love your work haters always gonna hate.. fuck them and keep up the legendary work :D

  17. Been following you since 2010, never had a single problem opening any download. Keep your chin up, your work is unique and awesome. Don't give negativity the time of day, it doesn't deserve.

  18. Basically just a broken record at this point, but as the others have said, most people that appreciate the work you do don't really get around to thanking you or showing their appreciation of your work, given the content. Folks on this side of the interwebs tend to keep to themselves, if you know what I mean.

    But like they've said, don't worry about those special folk who don't understand the way things work here. Just do what's comfortable or fun for you, and those who like what you do will follow, and those who don't can leave and find someone else, or figure out how to what they want themselves.

    tl;dr - Thanks for all the art you've put up so far, and I hope there's more to come :)

  19. Man, your skill improve so much, it'll be a waste and a huge lost if you stop now.
    It's possible that those guys are just Troll, leave them be you still have people that like your stuff including me.
    I live in France and i don't have problem with your DL link
    Sorry for the bad english


  20. SInce everything about internet culture and statisticall composition of your viewerbase has been said, i will just add another positive opinion. Your work is great and highly appreciated. Not only your work itself but also your strive for quality is intriguing to follow.
    Thx and keep it up as long as you get entertainment out of it.

  21. We do appreciate your work greatly. I share your best stuff with my GF from time to time, and she has said on a few occasions that you make the best loop animations ever. She some times wishes she was the elves. I hope you make what you do for the sheer joy of creating something awesome, unique and can be shared with others that enjoy it.

    1. I really like it if my work can help make the sexlife a bit more special :)

  22. I haven't complained, but lately Uploaded has just totally failed to deliver a working C09_002a ns to me. They've severeal times tried to give me a .7z.exe, and a few times I managed to finish the download (getting it all) the resulting file was an AVI file that had only black in it. (password was not the problem)

    I am a fan of your stuff and I am sad your delivery channel just doesn't work for me.

    It's not blogspot that is the problem, it is UL, at least for me.

    Anyway, thanks for all the stuff you have done, it's been great.

  23. It is hard to comment for non-english people, but your works are the best ;)

  24. C09_005a ns wm unpacks at 101 meg and is unveiwable

    1. Did other video files worked?
      Which player do you use, with which codecs?
      What are your system specs?

    2. only last two sets of vids fail to unpack properly with 7zip and I use media player classic system is asus i3 12gig nvida 750

    3. Same goes for me as well. I'll add that files sizes match their original so I know all the times I downloaded them it downloaded fully. I download the newest sets multiple times each and even tried doing so on 2 different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) with no luck in getting a proper working file in the end.
      I really love your work which is why I'm bummed that I cannot view your latest public releases. I guess I can solace in the fact that I'm not alone in this.
      I'll keep trying to downloading them and hope that maybe at some point in time fortune will smile on me and I'll end up with a working file once its unzipped.
      Perhaps if some people posted that they downloaded the files and they worked fine we might be able to determine if a few of us are drawing short straws or if there really is a major problem.

    4. Hm, I just logged out of UL again and downloaded C09_005a
      I was able to download it completely without problems, and unzipping and playing with media player classic worked perfectly.
      Maybe it's a regional thing of UL right now?
      They don't have any news page where to see latest updates or something, but you can tell me where are you from with this problem.
      Maybe your country is blocking it, because you are not allowed to see bad german 3d porn!

    5. I currently live in the US and as far as I know UL and the US are fine with each other, I've had zero issues with UL and other files from here or elsewhere. However I don't doubt you when you say you can't find a problem I suspect its something on my end thats causing issues, what exactly I don't know but I'll take a deeper look into possible reasons for why those few files don't seem to want to download in working order.
      Thanks for checking though and I'll be sure to let you know if things improve with the downloading of the files in question.

    6. C09_005a downloads at 26 meg 7zip unpacks it at 101 meg

    7. which is completely correct
      I use 7zip because it shrinks the files so good
      this way I don't have to compress the video files too much and not so much details get lost

  25. I have the issue as well, went into media player classic and found the Haali had been disabled somehow. I did uninstall a media player suite recently, I only needed it to convert one file. I suspect that is what took it out for whatever reason, installing a fresh version of MPC seems to have corrected it.

    1. Oh yes, and this is a LOVELY shot. Been looking forward to viewing it, so when it wouldn't play I got very annoyed. ha ha.

  26. well for codec problem K-lite codec pack fixed it for me i can play your vids perfectly
    and i really loved your last castantic post that one from behind with an awesome view from behind
    please keep up the awesum work ! also thank you for these vids !