Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Octane animation test

Just a quick test render
still learning octane and the material settings
too bad it can't render displacement maps

nvertheless, its pretty fast
the following animation only took 12minutes to render


there is no queue manager like in poser, so I have to see, how I can render more clips over night


  1. i'm using octane for some months by now, and it was the best buy i ever made.
    Not only you can render pretty fast, but you can also see the image as it will be in the end from the start.
    For the displacement maps, you simply can find where the image is, make a new node inside the specular or the diffuse one and make an image node there (or change directly the specular in an image)
    I'm not so skilled nor i want to study a lot :) so maybe there are better ways, anyway that one worked for me :)

    1. you may can change something with specular and normal maps, but they don't change the real geometry
      I am learning blender now, and there is an option where you can make out of a displacment map a real geometry
      but I am not that far to load that as a morph in poser

    2. Well, if i understand well you want to di something different from a simple "layer"....
      I escluded this kind of workflow from my way of doing things, since everythig you do augmenting vertex is very cpu heavy = less "fantasy in posing" (since it make so difficult to even move a mesh...)
      This maybe a little out of topic, but i think that a layer, that is a normal image and doesn't influence the geometry, has a better result for artist that not have a workstation with at least 2 xeon 6 core with a quadro 4000....
      Obviously this is the opinion of an amateur :)-

      Can i send you some image so you can give me some suggestions?

    3. I normally use displacement maps because of the lesser cpu usage while editing
      but since octane can't handle displacement maps, I need to transform it into real geometry
      or I need to build my own low res models in blender and work with them, instead of V4
      if you look at my test renders with the castanic game model
      it is so damn low poly, but through the great textures, it looks way better than some of my high res V4 figures in armor

      the thing about maps and real geometry is, that you can sculpt geometry on the right place, with the right amount of hight etc
      but you have to check maps, if they are placed right

      I am studying to work in game and movie industry later, but right now I don't know how the character creation in real game studios look like
      I just can imagine, that they are making low poly figures, sub devide surfaced for high res models, texture them, create normal and specular maps and getting back to their low poly model

      back to topic:
      sure, you can send me whatever question you have

  2. Very nice work! How many frames did you render in just 12 minutes? Regardless welcome to octane brother, enjoy :D

    1. well, a simple 30 frame animation
      the poser figures are really needing some time...
      if you look at my castanic game model, low poly, but high quality render!