Sunday, December 22, 2013

UL account 1 month free

I got another present for you!

For those of you who don't have a UL premium account, I am giving a way 1 month premium account for free.

Just comment here with something nice and naughty, together with your email, and I will decide which one of you will get the account.

Since the code must be used within 13 days, I will leave this "contest" open for only a few days, so hurry up!



  1. I'm a big fan of your art.I love Sylvanas and the rest too.

  2. Hello there ! thanks for giving away your free code :). Have you ever thinked about doing dota 2 porn ? i would really enjoy it :D --

    1. I don't play dota, so I don't have a connection to these girls, which will result in no motivation to build them^^

  3. I've been a fan of your art ever since I first discovered that there existed rule 34 on WoW stuff :D up there with drawn stuff from Dr Graevling.

    It would be an honor, knight77, for my fiance and I to be able to fap to your works more efficiently with a premium UL month trial. Nothing rendered compares, not even hitman nor vaesark. And that's a fact.


  4. I'd love to see more tentacle fucking >:D

  5. Greetings, your work is breathtaking its really awesome, orcs rule :). lok'tar ogar . Thanks for your awesome videos !

  6. Merry xmas from Russia ^_^
    Your animations are so amazing!

  7. Hello,
    hope you're doing fine :) Marry Xmas and a Happy New Year man!
    PS. any chance to see some more of sylvanas or mayble alexstrasza in future ?
    Have fun ^^

  8. Let me tell you a story about little Castanic with beautifully round shield. It happened a long ago in a land far far away. Our castanic met one really handsome and badass human with a BIG sword. Castanic liked the look of man's sword and took it in both her hands. She started to move her hands from sword's hilt to its tip. Human liked, what the Castanic was doing and started to rub her shield really wildly. They couldn't bare it anymore and melted their shield and sword together. The sound of melting echoed through streets of Velika and all people got curious. All those people around liked melting too, so they joined a couple with their long lances, curvy bows, bare swords and big axes. This was a melting of a lifetime. After the melting, there were bursts of melted liguid everywhere, on inner walls, full chests, even on rear entrances of all houses.

    Damn, that made waiting for your lancer/slayer animations even more painful...I can't wait anymore Knight! :D


    1. If I wouldn't win that premium UL, no matter, I had my fun writing this little story. I hope, you like it Knight. Damn, I must play TERA again :D

    2. XD awww, too bad
      only one entrance per contestant allowed
      sorry, you are disqualified

      just kidding :P

    3. I am a fans but not good at English and I reay like youre arts