Monday, March 24, 2014

back from vacation

I just back from a week of awesome snowboarding.
Now from the cold back to the hot: my castanics!

I made a few test renders
which hair color do you like more?
I am still a redhead lover, but blue got something as well
aaand dark violett on darker skin^^

nothing new so far,
but I think I know in which way my bigger project will go
What do you think of a scenario where you can choose between some of my female characters and then choose with who they interact?
All without a story, but sound xD


  1. They all look good, but I think i like the second or third images because of the variety.

  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your free time. :)
    I love the intense red color - classic and always good looking! As for bluehead, maybe try make her hair a bit brighter.
    The idea of interactive scenario sounds amazing! Can't wait to see it! ^^


  3. Hi,

    das rot ist sehr schön. Vlt kannst du das blau auch dunkel hinbekommen ?

    Mit glück findest du jemanden der dir eine Kruzgeschichte schreibt ;)


  4. I like the second pic best.

  5. I really like the 2nd picture of the 3. :D
    As for the scenario.. lets see some chars <_<

  6. Hard choice, 2nd set or 3rd in my opinion. The red in the middle is a very nice natural red on the 3rd. As far as scenario goes, I'm one for surprises, have never been let down by any of the past scenarios, so I'm certainly looking forward to what it will be.

  7. The girl with the short hair on the left looks best with blue hair, like in some of your old TERA videos.

    The other two girls (the one in the middle is my favorite) looks best with red hair. :)

  8. I think the second picture is best fitting.
    And belonging to the scenario you are thinking of.
    This is an great idea!

  9. What's the next plan for this trio!?

    1. nothing certain, was just a test of variations