Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SFM again, first progress

Worked again with sfm this day and got at least some animations
they aren't that smooth and vivid as some from beowulf or yagskie, but I have seen worse.

I tried gif, but gif is shit, because it compresses way too much, so I stay with video clip files.
They have less artifacts! AND are smaller.

still a lot to learn with sfm, like making good facial expressions and of course good animations, but damn I like that automatic breast jiggling

I wanted to make more castanic models for sfm, and now that I "can" use it, I will work on that project again


  1. Nice! It looks great for first animations in SFM.

  2. There can never be enough Castanics! More angles please, keep up the good work!

  3. Watching your skills grow in SFM will be amazing, you are the best artist by far. Atleast in my opinion i love all your castanic stuff :)! and hope to see alot more.

  4. >TKSB< my hero :)
    I'm also closely following some of your own 3d progy and animation guides throughout this blog, very useful and awesome new projects you have upcoming in this year.

    1. thank you :)
      I assume you are doing your own stuff, if you follow my guides
      something to show?
      I am allways looking for new arising artists ;)

  5. How are you liking SFM? I was always frightened I would get into it and make nothing but Mass Effect pron all day lol. Looks awesome though!

    1. Well, it has it's pros and cons.
      Because it's a game engine, it has some things automatically like jiggling and lightning.
      The view target of the figures a great way of let figures look at specific points while animating. In Poser you can select the eyeballs as well and let them "point at", which is similar to the view target in sfm, but in Poser the eyelids won't move with the eyeballs anymore, which results in creepy horror eyes.
      So that's something to look into.
      The parenting of parts is quite easy and good in SFM.
      Aaaaaand you have pre-made game characters with jiggling breasts xD

      But the keyframing isn't really my thing.
      That switching between the rig, to pose with IK or pose something like fingers is a bit annoying.
      Also the list of dials to edit the expressions, pussy or ass is really short, so not much to edit there.

      But like I said before, a lot of pre-made game characters with jiggling breasts ;)
      BIG POINT!

    2. Good for jiggling boobs, got it! Still sounds like fun. That kind of automation should be included with poser now a days. Its whats driving me to learn 3dsMax, I feel like we as animators have to deal with a lot of things that would be better handled automatically (or with a script). I wish smith micro did a better job with their "bullet physics" in 2014 but oh well.

  6. Can you reupload the avi's? Wish you did more momiji work

    1. Some spacko kid reported my links, and even I have the copy rights for it, still deletes them...

      And I don't have the files anymore