Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blackjack and Whores!

Bender knows how things run (Futurama)

Nevertheless, Gazukull strikes again ;)
This time with a game in coorporation with the site 3DX-Games
They made a Blackjack game featuring Jessenia (You know, the sexy vampire which not only sucks blood)
The graphical quality is amazing and if you win the game, you can even see some nice animations "you" fucking her.
By "you" I mean you guys. If you are a girl and would like to have your way with Jessenia, go talk to Gazukull, maybe he puts in a lesbian choice next time ;)
For more information go visit his site:

Back to my business.
I finally got my graphic card back after six weeks (DON'T buy a Gainward card, the support really sucks!)

I have to do a lot to catch up the projects that fell behind while I couldn't work properly, so new 3dx projects are on the wait right now.
I still have some older things that I want to share with you instead.

I showed you an image some time ago and now here is the clip
There is a clean and a dirty version



 This one quite old, but the animation is ok, so enjoy


  1. He lives! Welcome back, thank you for the update!

  2. Great work!

    hoffe du hast wieder viel lust bekommen zu arbeiten :D

    & schön das du wieder da bist


    1. Lust schon, nur so viel jetzt aufzuholen

    2. nicht hetzen ;) soll doch so gut wie immer werden.