Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I worked a whole day with SFM, watch tutorials. posed and tried to animate.
Posing is not really the problem, but animating is....
at least after 8hours I got something moving... but I don't get the logic behind it
I am no totally idiot when it comes to animation, but this program is really killing me
But is has so nice breast jiggling and ready to use game characters...
well, ready-to-use if you know how to use
posing and light editing is no problem, but if anyone has a good animating tutorial, please let me know

here are the test pictures I made
tried the whole day to animate them... with no real success

thanks to all the sfm ero artists, who can work with this program and giving us such great humping of our favorite gaming girls


  1. Aloha.
    I don't know anything about animating. But i've seen many people wich can do. Many of them posting stuff at Tumblr. Maybe you could contact them to get a tutorial or tips or someting else useful. LeeteRR is one of my favourite artists there for example.
    Don't know if this was helpful.

  2. That first blowjob picture were amazing, you did a really good job there. And like DerGarry i dont know anything about animation myself, but i really hope your getting some help from people who got the knowledge. Because you are an amazing artist and i love your Tera stuff :)

  3. Moneyshot and KP over at DigitalEro have some SFM animation tutorials, KP's one is pretty noob friendly. Its in a thread called SFM Basics in the Tutorial forum

    1. KP's have I allready watched and it helped me posing
      but there is nothing about animations
      he said he is working on one for animations, but this will need some time

      moneyshot's isn't very helpfull, just some speedup making of, where I don't really see how the smoothing etc is working

  4. Do you have any links to these models for sfm?

    1. Sorry, but the site went down some time ago
      It is up again, but I don't have any links beside the site itself